The Sleazy Lease Game & How to Avoid Getting Slimed

How Leases Are Written

As if you haven’t already noticed, whenever you do business with a company of ANY kind – a bank, an apartment complex, a car dealership, a website, whatever – and they make you sign an agreement or click on an “I Agree” button for their terms of service. If you haven’t already noticed: they have ALL the rights and you have NO rights!!!

Basically their lawyers go to town thinking of any harm that you might try to do to them, or anything you could sue for, or anything that they could do to mess something up – then write an IRONCLAD contract to protect, protect, protect their clients.

The Lease Company’s Grand, Slime Strategy

In the leasing world, the leasing companies try to win business by giving the rep a SUPER low rate. Once the deal is done, they try to “trick” you into paying fines and fees out the wahzoo! They “trick” you by writing in the fine print all sorts of narrow, and yet vague, requirements that you must meet or ELSE!!!

And so, here we go. Most major leasing companies (GE, Fleet, Bank of America, US Corp, etc) will have terms like these below, so heads up!! If your copier dealership does their own financing then THAT is probably the way to go, but we will get to that in a moment.

1st Thing’s 1st: Read the Darn Lease!

Have you ever noticed that bankers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers get mad when you actually read the documents they want you to sign? They get MAD! As if you are wasting their time or something.

They do that because NO ONE EVER READS THEIR documents. Wonder why? Maybe people think that they won’t be able to understand what it says? Well its worth a try! And when there is doubt, its worth asking about!

Listen, don’t be foolish here. Read the fine print of BEFORE you sign.


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