A Few More Tricks You'll Learn About Lease Games…

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Learn 8 More Money-Saving, Strategies, Like...

1) The 9 Steps to Legally Breaking Your Copier Lease

2) What 4 End-of-Lease Options You Have & Which You'll Want

3) How to Avoid the “Lease-Option Cram Down” Scheme

4) When To Never Use The Personal Guarantee

5) The Most Dastardly, Most Expensive Clause of Them All & How to Beat It

6) Which Clauses You Can Simply Strike Through

7) What Terms You'll Want If They Do In-House Leasing

8) How To Save $200-800 On Shipping The Old Machine Back
Where else could you find an offensive/defensive playbook like this? Our 30-page Hustlewise buyer's guide will pay for itself on the first page. Really.

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