Why Service Issues Matter MOST To The Whole Deal

Think about it: On the toner side, you will spend three times as much on toner than you will on the machine. And on the service side, you will be married to this dealership and their service department for 3-5 long, long years!

By the time you’re even thinking about service issues, you are on the backside of the deal. You think you have it all worked out - you have already worked hard to find the right copier, hustled your rep to get a great price, negotiated some great lease terms, right? But NOW it’s time to deliver, fully connect the copier to your network and train everyone on more than just the basics to fully utilize this new technology.

Marrying Your Copier Dealership For 5 Years (GLUP!)
That's why, you'll be “married” to this dealership for about another 4-5 years once the lease is done, so there will be all sorts of issues between your tech’s availability, parts on hand, parts stocked in local inventory, tech turnover, economic woe’s hurting the dealership’s ability to stock parts/toner/stay in business, billing issues, meter reading, overage bills, and all sorts of issues that will give you a FAR worse headache than paying too much for your copier and lease terms!

How Important Is This Really?
Head’s Up! If your copier is down a lot - because the machine being unreliable or because an incompetent service team - your entire office staff begins to slow in production and drop in morale! The copier is more important than you think! Thus, the service team that keeps it working is more important than you think!

Local Vs Regional Vs National Dealers

From the get-go let us say that the gap between the hometown copier dealer as compared to the regional or even national companies will be HUGE in what they have to offer you, but here are the 3 main categories in which to think…

#1 - Delivery, Connectivity & Training Day (DCT Day)
There are 7 major issues to which you need to squarely face off. If you don’t, then delivery of the machine, the networking/software uploading and the training will be botched. Enthusiasm dies. Morale drops. Productivity slows.

Read: This is important and there is a simple process that we will lay out...that most dealerships we spoke with do NOT follow very well, choosing instead to shoot from the hip...and while things will usually go just fine, they often will go awry unless dealt with.

#2 - Toner Requests, Ongoing Training & Billing Issues
”What’s it take to get some help around here?” Running out of toner, getting late bills, trying to pay a bill, stuck on hold for 23 minutes before you talk to a human, trying to understand what a foreign operator is saying. There is more here than you’d think about at first glance, and you DO have options.

#3 - Your Service Calls
”Have you called the copier tech yet? When is he gonna get here already!? UUGGH!” Face it: copiers do 2 things: they make copies and they break. So when your copier is down, all you can think about it getting it back “up”! There are some major issues here too. We’ll lay them out clearly in Hustlewise: Insider’s Expose the Tricks to the Copier Trade.


On This Page, You Learned...
1) The terms on your service are actually far more important and costly, than the price of the machine or the lease!
2) When you choose a dealer, its like a 3-5 year marriage so choose wisely.
3) There is a wide gap between local, regional and even national dealerships - but don't just assume that bigger is better.


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