It All Started In The Summer of 2007

The national sales trainer for a massive copier dealership came into our circle of friends. We immediately liked him. He was fun, a natural-born leader and was very open about his intention to make a career move into non-profit work. In the course of a few months, as any given topic would come up about leadership or communications or motivation, he would often contribute to the conversation using stories from his past career in the copier business. We all leaned-in to his fascinating stories of getting the most from this deal or that conversation or how to work around this stubborn decision-maker.

And so, there is simply no reason for you to get hustled anymore. Now there is a resource to help you in your next major purchase.

Brady Spencer Is...

Part consumer advocate. Part visionary. Brady is a passionate, opinionated and tenacious thinker and author. He plays the lead researcher and editor of the Hustlewise Publishing buyer guides.